Our Club Constitution

Constitution of Brisbane Bayside Pickleball Club

1.0 Name and Interpretation

1.1 Name: The name of the association shall be "Brisbane Bayside Pickleball Club," hereinafter referred to as "the Club."

1.2 Interpretation: In this Constitution, unless the context otherwise requires:

  • "Association" means the unincorporated association known as Brisbane Bayside Pickleball Club.
  • "Committee" means the committee of management of the Club.
  • "Member" means a person who is a member of the Club in accordance with this Constitution.
  • "Redlands City Council's and Brisbane City Council's Bayside regional area" refers to the geographical area as defined by the respective councils.

2.0 Objects

The main objects of the Club shall be:

2.1 To promote and facilitate the sport of pickleball among its members in the Redlands City Council's and Brisbane City Council's Bayside regional area.

2.2 To provide opportunities for pickleball enthusiasts to engage in the sport through regular play, competitions, and social events.

2.3 To foster a sense of community and sportsmanship among the members of the Club.

2.4 To collaborate with local authorities, organizations, and other pickleball clubs to enhance the growth and development of pickleball in the Bayside regional area.

3.0 Membership

3.1 Membership Eligibility: Membership of the Club shall be open to any person interested in promoting the game of pickleball, residing in or outside the Redlands City Council's and Brisbane City Council's Bayside regional area.

3.2 Application for Membership: Prospective members shall apply for membership by completing the membership application form provided by the Club.

3.3 Approval of Membership: The Committee shall have the authority to approve or reject membership applications, provided such decisions are not in violation of any anti-discrimination laws.

3.4 Rights and Privileges: All members shall have the right to participate in the activities organized by the Club and receive any benefits or privileges provided to members.

3.5 Termination of Membership: The Committee may, by a two-thirds majority vote, terminate the membership of any member whose conduct is deemed detrimental to the Club's interests or in violation of this Constitution.

4.0 Committee of Management

4.1 Composition: The management of the Club shall be vested in a Committee of Management elected from among the Club's members.

4.2 Roles and Responsibilities: The Committee shall have the responsibility to manage the affairs of the Club, including organizing events, managing finances, and making decisions in line with the Club's objectives.

4.3 Election and Term: The Committee members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall hold office for a term of one year or until the next Annual General Meeting, whichever is later.

4.4 Meetings: The Committee shall meet regularly to discuss and decide on matters relating to the Club's activities.

5.0 Finances

5.1 Financial Year: The financial year of the Club shall run from 1 July to 30 June.

5.2 Financial Management: The Committee shall be responsible for the prudent management of the Club's finances, including the collection of membership fees and any other sources of income.

5.3 Bank Account: The Club shall maintain a bank account in the name of the association, and all funds of the Club shall be deposited into this account.

6.0 General Meetings

6.1 Annual General Meeting (AGM): The Club shall hold an AGM within 2 months after the end of each financial year.

6.2 Special General Meetings: The Committee may call a Special General Meeting when required, or upon a written request signed by at least 5 members of the Club.

7.0 Amendments to the Constitution

7.1 Amendments: This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at a General Meeting, provided that notice of the proposed amendment has been given to all members at least 14 days before the meeting.

8.0 Dissolution

8.1 Dissolution: The Club may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a three-fourths majority of the members present at a Special General Meeting called for this purpose.

8.2 Distribution of Assets: In the event of dissolution, the surplus assets of the Club shall be distributed to another pickleball-related charitable organization or as decided by the members at the Special General Meeting.

9.0 Adoption of the Constitution

This Constitution shall be adopted and accepted by the Club at a General Meeting convened for this purpose.

Date of Adoption: 5 August 2023

President/Chairperson: Christopher Warner

Secretary: Gregory Ryan